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Modesty is Hottesty

Leeza. 18. Toronto. Britain, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, One Direction, The Vamps, The Hunger Games, Shameless, Mean Girls, Food, Tea, Candy, Chocolate, Shopping, Clothes, Makeup, Mythical Creatures, Science, Kisses, The Simpsons, Christmas, History, Rainy Days, Rupert Grint, David Tennant, Jeremy Allen White, Bradley Will Simpson, Boys, Halloween, Books, Youtube, Disney Movies, 90s Cartoons, Music, Movies, Fashion, Dogs, Alcohol.

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not wanting to date someone because you aren’t physically attracted to them doesn’t make you an asshole

wanting to sit at home watching TV instead of hanging out with people doesn’t make you an asshole

cutting off a friendship that was not satisfying to you doesn’t make you an asshole


"I haven’t had that much trouble coming out since 1997." (x)


Donna Noble Appreciation Post: 

There’s a murder, a mystery and Agatha Christie!


Another sexual innuendo brought to you by Bob’s Burgers.


*walks into buffet restaurant* [ voice] bring the action

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if u dont like hickeys or ass grabbin we are a no


I’m not thirsty, I’m D-hydrated



How many did you eat?

olive them



How many did you eat?

olive them



Let’s talk about libraries. Libraries! “Oh, hello, are you a person? Great, you’ve met our qualifications. Please enjoy unlimited borrowing of any number of any books. Do we not have the book you seek? Let us know and we will buy it so that you can read it. You will owe us nothing. Stay as long as you want.” Libraries are like pleasant, real-life morphine dreams.


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whoever isn’t us is the enemy

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Me as a doctor: This patient is down with the sickness